Gaari: the all-in-one platform for cars


For the past few months, I've been looking to expand towards new opportunistic ways to improve my skills as a developer. Internships aren't just enough on applications anymore, you need to be above and beyond to stand out. At my time at Katanemo, I've also been able to work on side projects like DeveloPop (courses for aspiring developers) another secret one (shh). I figured because I'm in high school, I won't be able to find anymore internships despite the skills I have and the experience I've gained. So like any person, I decided to create my own startup. Inspired from my love of older and newer cars, it's called Gaari. I named it after the Urdu word "gaari" which means car.

Gaari isn't your regular car companion app. It's a bridge to a network. Gaari offers solutions never seen before, such as user-generated solutions on specific car make/models. You can learn more about Gaari here.

The Idea

So what exactly is Gaari? It's a car enthusiasts favorite tool, it's the mechanics sidekick, and it's the hobbyists best friend. Need a car part? Gaari can find you the best deals across the internet with trusted websites. Car not starting? Gaari let's you search for user-generated solutions across Carwork, a community of car experts and enthusiasts. Need a mechanic? Gaari can find the best rated mechanic in your area. Modding your car? Gaari's Carwork community can help you find the best parts for your car.

These are just the tip of the iceberg, more are soon to come in the future.

How is it built?

You might be wondering, how can a 16-year-old create a fullstack app from top to bottom with databases and authentication?

The answer is he can (with help of course).

Gaari is built on Next.js, the world's most powerful React framework. It's what this blog and site is written on. Gaari features Supabase for authentication and database management. Supabase is a new open source Firebase alternative that's built on Postgres. For styling we'll be using TailwindCSS, a utility-first CSS framework that's easy to use and customize. For the backend, we'll be using Next.js's API routes to handle all the requests. For the frontend, we'll be Next.js's built in routing system. We'll also be creating our own API in the future aswell.

Alongside those main services we have AWS for static image hosting + API hosting, Vercel for deployment, GitHub for version control, Figma for design, Notion for project management, and NextAuth for authentication.

The Team

Right now, it's just me working on Gaari, however I am looking for any help in any role. So please do reach out to me if you're interested in helping out. I'm looking for people who are passionate about engineering and cars.

You can also check our website for job listings* here.

*Please note: positions are unpaid.

I'm excited to see where this startup can go, and I'll be posting regular development updates with indepth code explanations. Stay tuned for more!

End of article!